POLICE were told about nearly 500 incidents in the Borders last week.

The update was given to the Scottish Borders Community Action Team Strategic Oversight Meeting on Thursday (September 10).

Sergeant David Rourke, who attended the virtual gathering, issued a statement on social media afterwards.

He said: "Last week police in the Borders received 499 incidents and this week is already shaping up to be a busy week with 272 incidents already having been received.

"I had the opportunity to discuss with the elected representatives around matters they have in each of their constituency areas raised by the public.

"Given the current COVID restrictions we have had to adapt to maintain these meetings which I feel is really important to make sure the Scottish Borders Community Action Team (CAT) are getting deployed to the areas where they are needed the most.

“The CAT was established to deal with localised issues and the two teams are made up of one sergeant and seven constables each and deal with a wide range of matters directly influenced by the public.

"As an example, in August officers dealt with matters ranging from off-road bikers in Berwickshire, parking complaints, arrest of those involved in the supply of drugs, dog fouling and the arrest of domestic offenders just to mention but a few."