TWEEDGREEN is hoping to transform a Peebles farm into a renewable energy haven.

The environmental group is currently vying for the opportunity to lease Jedderfield Farm from the Peebles Common Good Fund, after the previous owner passed away last year.

Under Tweedgreen, the 50-acre farm would become an educational site as well as a glimpse of a future with renewable energies.

"Jedderfield is a great place to forward our environmental ambitions," said Joe Wilton, a member of the Jedderfield Farm project steering group.

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Mr Wilton said that the project will give members of the public the opportunity to see how we will be living in the future, as well as giving them hope in the face of "two major anxieties – COVID anxiety and climate change anxiety".

But before Tweedgreen can bring their vision for Jedderfield to life, they have launched a public consultation, giving the people of Tweeddale the chance to have their say on the eco-friendly plans.

The group has three points they want to achieve before opening the site to the public officially.

"We want to plant more trees," Mr Wilton said. "By planting more we create more woodland which is great for biodiversity and mental health.

"We also want to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources.

"Jedderfield has a south-facing barn so we hope to install a photovoltaic (PV) panel to produce renewable electricity.

"We hope to make the farm carbon neutral – we'll use the PV panel for electricity and we'll use local wood fuel for heating."

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Tweedgreen will also make space for the growing of vegetables which will eventually tie in with community engagement efforts.

The final decision on who will be given the lease for the farm will be made by the Common Good Fund.

During their assessments of the site, Tweedgreen discovered an old, disused waterwheel, which has been dated as coming from 1820.

"We weren't expecting to find it," Mr Wilton added, "but we're hoping to use it to teach children how we can harness natural energies.

"Jedderfield will make a wonderful example of pre- and post-fossil fuels."

To access the community consultation and share your views on Tweedgreen's plans for Jedderfield Farm, visit: