THE Borders is facing four days' worth of weather warnings – with a chance of "heavy snow".

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for ice, covering today (Monday, January 11) and tomorrow.

But a snow warning has also been issued for Wednesday and Thursday.

The Met Office said: "There is a chance of a period of heavy snow across this region; should it occur it is likely to cause significant travel disruption."

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In the meantime, the icy conditions are likely to cause some injuries, according to forecasters.

A spokesperson from the Met Office said: "Rain and snow will clear southwards later Monday and overnight into Tuesday, with a rapid freeze following.

"Some hilly areas will see a further cover of 1cm-3cm snow beforehand.

"Ice will become widespread over northern Scotland from around dusk, much of the rest of Scotland by late evening or the early hours, and across northern England later in the night."

The ice warning will last from 3pm today until 11am on Tuesday morning.

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The snow warning will begin at 5am on Wednesday and end at 9pm on Thursday.

The spokesperson added: "An area of rain pushing north-eastwards is expected to increasingly fall as snow, at least for a time, as it encounters colder air across Scotland and parts of northern England.

"Heavier snowfall is more likely above 150m, where 5cm-15cm of snow may accumulate, and possibly as much as 30cm of snow in a few locations.

"At lower levels 2cm-5cm may accumulate but there remains a possibility that milder air makes more inroads, with the snow turning back to rain more widely, in this case snowfall would largely be restricted to the highest ground.

"A brief period of freezing rain, which would bring areas of ice, is possible in the western, especially south-western, part of the warning area on Wednesday morning."

For more information and advice, visit the Met Office website, here.