INNERLEITHEN has proved itself to be a small town with a big heart.

Last month Innerleithen Community Council put out an appeal for additional community resilience volunteers, and it was overwhelmed by the response.

Chairman Marshall Douglas praised the community during a meeting last week.

He said: “We did seek extra volunteers through social media and we have had a number of people come forward. 

“Also most of the volunteers from the first lockdown have intimated that they wish to continue, so we have a good database of people willing to help.

“The needs have changed basically because at the first lockdown we had an awful lot of shopping requests, and doing things for people that were self-isolating and shielding. 

“This time it is mainly collecting prescriptions because it doesn’t look as though the pharmacy is able to deliver prescriptions anymore, so a lot of the work that our volunteers are doing is taking those to people.

“It’s valuable work but it’s certainly less than the level we had at the first lockdown.

“We are not using all the volunteers by any means as there’s not much demand, but who knows how it’s going to progress.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has volunteered and to say bear with us, whether we use you or not at this time.

"The fact that you’ve come forward is of great benefit, it’s knowing that support is there for our community.”