A BORDERS woman has raised more than £12,000 for a national charity.

Throughout March, Melrose business owner Bex Leigh ran a raffle with more than 100 prizes and raised awareness of endometriosis.

Bex, 21, of Lauder, who has the condition herself, raised £12,110 for Endometriosis UK with the help of her mum Katy.

Bex told the Border Telegraph: “I’m just so grateful.”

The winners were selected on March 31.

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“Before we knew it, a couple [of] hours before the draw we hit £10k, and then just a few seconds before the draw, which was really late at night, we hit £12,000,” said Bex.

“It was just crazy to watch. I was just sitting refreshing the button thinking, ‘How is this happening’?”

The £12,110 was raised from the sale of raffle tickets, but Bex also received further donations directly to her fundraising page and in cash.

Bex, who owns Bexleigh Beauty, added: “It was just so nice how many people wanted to learn about [endometriosis].

“It [fundraising] gave me an insight into just how much I enjoy that side of work.”

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As well as the raffle, with the help of artist Judith Hardie, Bex and her mum hid 10 painted stones on popular walks for people to find.

Bex said the Yellow Stone Trail was a great way for people to find out more about endometriosis.

Looking to the future, Bex hopes to continue fundraising, but says she may need a few extra helping hands.

"I definitely would love to [fundraise again], but because it got so big, and of course because I struggle myself [with endometriosis] it did become quite a lot to take on," she said.