A 79-YEAR-OLD motorist caught driving while two and a half times the legal alcohol limit in Earlston has been banned from the road for 12 months at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Alastair Rennie pleaded guilty to driving with a breath/alcohol count of 56 microgrammes – the legal limit being 22 – in the Church Court area of Earlston on June 23.

The court heard that at around 6pm police received information that a driver was possibly over the limit in Church Street, Earlston.

They followed the vehicle into Church Court where it was parked.

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The officers spoke to the pensioner driver and noted his speech was slurred and could smell alcohol on his breath.

He failed a roadside breath test and was transported to Hawick Police Station.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow said there was a sad set of circumstances behind the offence as Rennie's wife had recently passed away and he was struggling to cope.

By his own admission, he was drinking too much added Mr Dow.

Rennie of Old Station Court, Newtown St Boswells, was also fined £300 with a £20 Victim Surcharge.