PLANS to light up the sculpture of Olympic showjumper Scott Brash have been dimmed down.

Peebles Community Council had hoped to embark on a project with the voluntary group, Bonnie Peebles, to illuminate the life-size statue of the gold medallist.

But the light bulb idea, which was first discussed by community councillors last month, has hit a hurdle.

Addressing last week’s meeting of the community council, secretary Anne Snoddy said: “You will recall that it was Bonnie Peebles who had the idea to erect a sculpture of Scott Brash on Hello Sanctos. They submitted the plans, sourced the Blacksmith, and raised funds, which was a mammoth task. They maintain it, and they insure it.

“As agreed at last month’s community council meeting, I contacted Bonnie Peebles to ask if there was any mileage in investigating lighting up the sculpture at night. Their unanimous decision was that it was not something they are currently considering and that they would decide if and when to proceed with such a project.”