A DRUNK man who caused a disturbance in the casualty department of Borders General Hospital more than two years ago has been fined £450 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Police officers found 30-year-old Alexander Deans lying on the ground with a blood covered jumper after answering a report of an intoxicated man jumping in front of vehicles in the Sandbed area of Hawick on September 19, 2019.

He was later taken to Borders General Hospital where he became disruptive and abusive to police officers.

Deans, formerly of Hawick and now living in Blackpool, was fined £75 for being drunk and incapable in Backdamgate, Hawick, and £375 for threatening or abusive behaviour in the hospital's accident and emergency department.

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Depute fiscal Joanna Waller said: "At 10 to six in the evening police were called about an intoxicated male jumping in front of vehicles in Sandbed in Hawick.

"When they arrived they found a man outside a shop lying on his back on the ground. He had blood all over his jumper and an ambulance was called."

The fiscal described how Dens became argumentative, was smelling strongly of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet.

Due to his behaviour the paramedics were unable to treat him.

Deans was taken to his home address but then began to walk on the middle of the road in Backdamgate. A constable had to put his hand on his shoulder to prevent him from being knocked down by passing vehicles.

He then fell the pavement and refused to get up.

Ms Waller said Deans was then taken to Borders General Hospital at 7.15pm by which stage he was quiet and in handcuffs.

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She continued: "The accident and emergency department was very busy at the time and the accused was placed in a separate room next to an old woman who was clearly in pain.

"At this point the accused stated he needed to go to the toilet and the handcuffs were removed.

"But in the toilet be began shouting and singing incoherently. When he was finished the handcuffs were placed back on him and police officers warned him his behaviour was not acceptable but he swore at them."

Ms Waller concluded: "Officers tried to calm him down. He was later cautioned and charged and made no reply."

Deans was originally charged with spitting on the floor of a toilet and a police vehicle and making homophobic comments but pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of threatening or abusive behaviour by shouting, swearing, singing loudly and making threatening and abusive comments.

Not guilty pleas to two counts of police assault were accepted by the Crown.

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Defence lawyer Stephanie Clinkscale said the guilty pleas were offered by her client on November 14, 2019, but at that time were not acceptable to the Crown but now were.

She explained Deans had been residing in Blackpool for the last two years and had been in no further trouble.

Ms Clinkscale said: "It is the locus in charge two which makes it more serious. His behaviour was directed towards the police officers because the accused had suffered injuries in the earlier incident with the police."

The court heard Deans' sister had passed away only two months prior to the incident and his flat had gone up on fire, was basically "sofa surfing" at the time and going through a bad patch.

Ms Clinkscale added: "He has managed to turn things around quite significantly."

Sheriff Peter Paterson said there were no excuses for the behaviour at the hospital.

He imposed a fine of £75 for being drunk and incapable and £375 for the hospital disturbance.

Deans - who receives benefits of Employment Support Allowance of £350 per fortnight and Personal Independence Payment of £350 per month - was told to pay the fines at £20 per month.

No Victim Surcharge was made as the legislation was not in place at the time of the offence.