A BORDERS forest is set to feature in a new BBC Scotland series.

Presented by farmer comedian Jim Smith, the first episode Loggerheads will take place in Glenlude forest.

The new series sees two teams of woodworking experts go head to head in a timed competition to make spectacular creations from freshly felled timber in 24 hours.

The first episode was filmed in the forest which is almost 10 miles south of Peebles.

The programme will travel around some of Scotland's most magnificent woodlands where the teas will race against the clock to complete their masterpieces.

Jim Smith said: “The teams on this are terrific and I think people will love seeing their work and ‘being’ outdoors with them in these fantastic forest settings.

“Obviously I’ve been around Scotland a fair bit but we went to some amazing locations and meeting the local judges was great; they all care so much about their local area and are so passionate about it.”

Each week team captains Linzi St Clair Thompson and Vicente Ridaura-Harvey will be joined by two fellow team members from a list of regulars.

In the first episode filmed in Glenlude, Linzi and Vicente and their teammates each turned a felled spruce into items to help the groups that are working to rewild the local woodlands.

Linzi's team created a place for working groups to relax, while Vicente's team make a woodland workshop.

Karen Purvis from the John Muir Trust acted as judge.

Ms Purvis said: “It was fantastic to host the Loggerheads team at Glenlude. The John Muir Trust’s focus here is to bring back a mosaic of native habitats and welcome people from all walks of life to be a part of the story. The shelters created by the woodworkers will be appreciated and enjoyed by all those who come to Glenlude to volunteer, heal, study and reconnect in nature.”

Loggerheads will first air tomorrow night (Thursday) February 17 at 8.30pm on BBC Scotland.