INNERLEITHEN dog owners use at least 2,000 dog poo bags a month.

The town’s community council heard that there are currently virtually no dog poo bags in the street dispensers.

Innerleithen and District Community Council member Jackie Couchman said: “I think our efforts have had lasting effects but I would not be complacent.

“As fast as the guys put (the bags) out they are taken. People literally must take handfuls.

“There will be 50 in a bin one day and by the next day they are gone.

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“The whole purpose of having an emergency supply does not work the way we hoped.

“Having provided 2,000 bags a month for a number of months, we have kind of stopped for the moment.

“People have told me it is impossible to take out one bag.

“I disagree, but there we go.”

Ms Couchman added that the dispensers were not designed to give people general supplies but to help if they were caught short when out.