A PENSIONER slashed a garden hot tub with a Stanley knife during a neighbourly dispute in the Borders, Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told.

Sixty-seven-year-old Dorothy McIntosh, of Hawick, said she was fed up with the condition of the hot tub which was close to her bedroom window in Burnfoot Road.

She pleaded guilty to a vandalism charge by destroying a hot tub with a knife on the evening of June 18.

Procurator fiscal Alasdair Fay said the background was a dispute between neighbours and the accused was under the influence of alcohol.

He added McIntosh told police: "I went to the neighbours and slashed f*** out of the hot tub."

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She claimed the hot tub was covered in dead midges and green slime.

McIntosh said she had been the victim of items being thrown into her garden and damage to her car.

She told the court she had been using a Stanley knife to cut carpet and she used it on the hot tub.

McIntosh added: "I was very drunk but I knew exactly what I was doing."

A not guilty plea to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner was accepted by the Crown.

Sheriff Janys Scott fined McIntosh £160 with a £10 Victim Surcharge.