A PEEBLES woman has appeared in a New York fashion show in recognition of her record-breaking row across the Atlantic.

Taylor Winyard, 30, became part of the fastest mixed trio to cross the ocean at the start of the year, rowing 3,000 miles in 40 days and 37 minutes.

And to celebrate this achievement, as well as her Scottish roots, the former Peebles High School student carried an oar down the runway in the 2022 ‘Dressed to Kilt’ fashion show in July.

The event took place at Mill Neck Manor Estate in Long Island.

On the experience, Ms Winyard said: “It was such an honour and privilege to be invited as a guest model and share the runway with so many talented and heroic individuals.

“Walking the runway was something entirely new for me – I was definitely out of my comfort zone but everyone involved in the show was so lovely and made it a lot of fun.

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“It was such a special night and one which I felt extremely proud to be Scottish.”

Dressed to Kilt, founded by Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery and Peeblian Dr Geoffrey Scott Carroll, is an annual charity fashion show that raises funds to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation.

It is now the largest and most prestigious Scottish fashion event in the world, and one of the highest profile fashion shows in the United States.

Ms Winyard wore a full-length Marlborough tartan trench coat and luxe tailored shorts from Holland Cooper.

Along with Tom Rose and James Woolley, Ms Winyard formed the Atlantic Nomads in December to take on the ocean challenge, which is labelled “the world’s toughest rowing race”.

They left the Canary Islands on December 12 and arrived in Antigua on January 21. Atlantic Nomads helped to raise much-needed funds for their chosen charity, Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans.