A PROPERTY with a garden in the Borders is worth almost £22,500 more than identical homes without one, new research reveals.

Statistics published by Admiral Home Insurance found that the average price of a property in the Borders is £175,444.

But the average price of the same-sized property with a garden in the area is £198,000.

And the amount in which a garden bumps up the price also depends on where you live.

The research found that the City of Edinburgh had the biggest gap between the price of properties with and without a garden – £588,366 to £620,000, with the Borders ranked at eighth on that top ten list.

Nationwide in Scotland, a house with a garden costs £16,785 more on average than a same-sized home without one.

The research involved analysing 54,000 property listings of the same size and comparing prices of those that did have gardens with those which did not.

It comes after a YouGov poll from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic found that almost a third of Brits feel their garden is more important to them than it was before lockdown began in March 2020.