AN “UNCONSTRAINED” wishlist of big projects for West Linton might include buildings such as a swimming pool.

That was one suggestion of an item which could form part of a public survey to find out what is wanted in the village.

Five people are already prepared to run a community development trust company which will “sit on the shelf” till a survey is completed.

At West Linton Community Council’s (WLCC) meeting, on Monday evening, members were told a similar speculative survey was last held in 1989.

WLCC member Tim Brian said that if the survey combines general questions and specific ideas, such as a swimming pool or new village hall, it is more likely to garner good responses.

WLCC chairman Mark McDavid added: “It must remain fun or we will lose the plot.

“It is interesting that Stand Up for Our Buses has used a marketing firm and that would work for us perhaps. It will be unconstrained and might inform our discussions.”

It was agreed to hold a private meeting to discuss survey ideas and design the questions.