DUE TO unforeseen circumstance, the Bright Side of Life 2 charity show will only take place on Friday October 28 at 7.30pm at the Eastgate.

The show scheduled for Thursday October 27 was cancelled.

So that’s all the more reason to ensure to buy tickets which have been held at last year’s bargain prices of £10.00 and £5.00.

The sparkling gang of local creative talents- musicians, actors, writers and singers-have been putting the final touches to their contributions to the follow up to last year’s fundraiser for the Eastgate Theatre in Peebles.

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Robert Barr (pictured) is renowned for his hysterically funny spoofs of the Raymond Chandler school of hard nut private eyes.

And his Bobby Barr Case Files bring a hard edged detective film noir vibe from his PI office high above Peebles High Street.

Robert is part of the extravagantly gifted team of the Downright Homespun Radio Company with the superb Steve Lee and the group’s presiding genius Douglas Roberts, who extract comedy gold from the everyday life of Peebles’ folk.

Peeblesshire News: Dirty Dusting is about three cleaners of mature years running a phone sex lineDirty Dusting is about three cleaners of mature years running a phone sex line (Image: Paul Taylor)

Tweed Theatre is polishing up two pieces, the first an extract from Dirty Dusting about three cleaners of mature years running a phone sex line, the second the real story of Flora MacDonald’s boat trip, a mysterious Prince, and that “nauseating song.”

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Throw in the Midsummer Dreamers, Shakespeare @ Traquair’s epic marching band, original monologues from Pat Goodacre, a Peebles local history publishing first from her husband Julian, Tim Wilcock’s brilliantly satirical songs and a wonderful new children’s choir from Nomad Beat, and you have an evening cocktail to send everyone home smiling.