TWO Peeblesshire organisations have teamed up to help people through the cost-of-living crisis this winter.

Peeblesshire Foodbank and Tweeddale Youth Trust's Food Punks have worked together previously on a breakfast club pilot scheme at local primary school and a voucher programme.

And the two charities are coming together again to help people save energy, save money and eat well.

The Low and Slow scheme from the foodbank will see slow cookers distributed to some of the most vulnerable families who use the foodbank, as well as a weekly pack of ingredients to help make a hot meal using less energy than a standard oven.

Fiona Dalgleish, manager at the Peeblesshire Foodbank, said: "Tweeddale Youth Action will be making films for people to cook along to.

"We'll be providing slow cookers and ingredients once a week to the most needy families.

"If it goes well hopefully we'll get more funding to roll out more."

She added: "My job shouldn't exist, but I'm glad we can help.

"We're just responding to people's requests.

"We've had a lot more people who are working coming to us. Overall, we're in a good place to help.

"We're in a spectacularly strong community."

Food Punks is a charity which works around Tweeddale offers young people the chance to build their kitchen skills away from a traditional education setting.

As part of the Low and Slow project, members of Food Punks will hone their skills in recipe creating, filming, video editing, presenting and more to create a series of instructional videos on cooking using a slow cooker.

David Hodson, manager of Tweeddale Youth Action said that teaming up with the foodbank on this project was "a no brainer".

He said: "Obviously we've got families of young people here struggling.

"Any support that's going into the homes of our young people is a no brainer [to join]."

For more information, and to support the Foodbank, visit their Facebook page.