GIFTS made by people taking part in court ordered unpaid work will be on sale this Christmas to help support local charities.

The gifts will be available to purchase at Kelso Christmas Market on December 4 and at the Christmas Market at Abbotsford House on Saturday, December 17.

Money raised from the gifts will be donated to Lavender Touch, Cash for Kids and Heads Together.

As well as small gifts, those given community payback orders will also help manufacture items such as picnic tables, benches, and fences. They have also assisted with community gardens and upkeeping paths

Councillor Tom Weatherston, SBC’s (Scottish Borders Council) executive member for social work and community enhancement, said: “Community payback with unpaid work can provide offenders with routine and structure to their lives and can give them experience of following instructions and working as part of a team. This can help change their behaviour and at the same time pay back a debt to the community in a highly visible way.

“Taking part in the Christmas markets is just one of the wide range of projects that have been co-ordinated by our Justice Services team for offenders this year, with the proceeds from any sales going to three worthy charities. I would encourage anyone attending either of the markets to make sure they visit the team’s stand so they can see the quality of work being produced for themselves.

“The markets are also an ideal opportunity for people to have a chat to the team if they have a project they think might be suitable for the unpaid work programme to support, as they are always keen to hear about new opportunities.

“If you’re not able to attend but would like to find out more about how the programme could potentially benefit you or your community, please get in touch with the team directly for more information.”

For more information on the unpaid work programme, visit: