A SCOTTISH utility provider is sharing how households in the Borders can stay safe and energy efficient during the winter months.

Scottish Water has launched a new winter campaign, through which is hopes to help householders protect their homes from damage during cold weather.

Preparing for cold weather can help prevent problems such as burst pipes and flooding.

There are three key pieces of advice Scottish Water have – heat, insulate, and protect.


For homes that don't have a central heating system with built in frost-protection, it's advised to set the thermostat to 10°c and programme it to be on. This means you heating will kick in only if the temperature in your home drops below 10°c, making sure you don't use lots of energy and prevents frozen pipes.


Properly insulated pipes and water tanks can help protect against any issues in cold weather.

All pipes, including your boiler's condensation pipe, can be insulated.

For plastic pipes use a foam insulation pipe to keep them warm.


If you're travelling over the winter period, it's always good to know someone who can stop by your home to make sure everything is in order while you're away.

And before you go, make sure to tackle any drips or leaks you're aware of as these can increase the risk of pipes freezing.

A licensed plumber can help fix any issues and even switch off your water supply and drain the system if you're likely to be away for a long period of time.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s chief operating officer, said: “We appreciate that this winter will be tougher than most for many of our customers.

“It’s good to prepare for the possibility of severe weather and the potential impact that has on property and, by taking steps to insulate and protect properties and pipes, customers can avoid the considerable headache and heartache caused by frozen or burst pipes.

“We want to work with our customers to ensure we are all prepared for very cold weather.

"And as every penny counts this winter, there are habits we can all change that will save money. From shorter showers to only boiling the water you need for your cuppa, it all adds up and it benefits our pockets and the planet as we save money and energy."

There can be times when problems arise despite best efforts to protect your home and make it winter ready.

Having suitable home and contents insurance can help, should any issues occur.

For more information, advice, and films, visit: www.scottishwater.co.uk/winter or www.yourwateryourlife.co.uk/winter/