PEOPLE in the Borders are invited to look after themselves this month as part of a national health campaign.

The Love Your Liver campaign, created by the British Liver Trust, aims to raise awareness of how to look after your liver in January.

There are preventable causes of liver disease – such as drinking alcohol and viral hepatitis – but symptoms of the disease can take time to present themselves, which can mean it becomes too late for treatment.

Jonathan Manning, consultant gastroenterologist and clinical director for medicine at NHS Borders, said: “Finding out if you are at risk of liver disease is the first step towards taking positive action for your liver health.

“Making a pledge to start your journey towards better liver health this month is all about making small changes that can have a big difference.

"We would urge you to consider what lifestyle changes you can make, as these changes could also have a positive impact on your overall health.”

According to the British Liver Trust, nine in 10 cases of liver disease are preventable.

The British Liver Trust has developed five different pledges which can help start your journey to a healthier liver this January, including:

  • Pledging to complete a fitness challenge
  • Pledging to stick to five-a-day every day
  • Pledging to cut down on sugar
  • Pledging to give up alcohol for 31 days
  • Pledging to reduce processed foods and takeaways

For more information on the Love Your Liver Campaign, visit: