AN INSPECTION and review of Glendinning Terrace Primary School and Nursery Class in Galashiels by Education Scotland has identified a number of key strengths and some areas for improvement.

The headteacher took up post in 2019, having been the acting headteacher in 2018. The school roll is 86 with 13 children who attend the nursery on a full-time basis during term time. There are three composite classes. Children’s attendance at the school is in line with the national average. There have been no exclusions in recent years.

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And the government agency responsible for improvement in Scottish education is confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and so they will make no more visits in connection with this inspection.

The report identified the key strengths included the relationships between nursery practitioners, school staff, children, and those in the school community in addition to children’s broader achievements and successes in various events.

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This enables the children to develop various skills and become responsible and caring individuals who make a significant contribution in their community.

Other key strengths included the approaches teachers and staff are taking to improve children’s attainment in reading which are making a difference to children’s progress at the primary stages.

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And also the headteacher’s and early years officer’s impact on leadership of and direction of school and nursery improvement.

Some areas for improvement were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Scottish Borders Council.

These include the need to improve further children’s attainment, particularly in numeracy and mathematics and the need to take forward plans to involve children more in making decisions about school life and involve parents more in their children’s learning.

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The report said that the school should continue to build on current approaches for improving how children’s progress is assessed, planned and tracked in the nursery to help ensure they achieve.

And also to ensure that all children’s needs are met through experiences and activities which provide appropriate pace and challenge and further their learning.

Headteacher, Nichola McCall, said: “We are delighted that the recent report has highlighted particular key strengths of the school.

"The inspection team recognised the positive impact of our improvement priorities on children’s progress and achievement, as well as endorsing the current plans we have in place to further our improvement journey at Glendinning Terrace Primary School and Nursery.

"We are committed to delivering positive outcomes for our children and enhancing our working partnership with all within our school community.”

Glendinning Primary Parent Council added: “The Parent Council are pleased with the inspection evaluation, particularly with the difficult couple of years that the COVID pandemic presented. 

"The Parent Council continue to support the school to help raise attainment and enhance the learning experiences for all within the school. 

"We are also pleased that the report recognises that our children gain experiences that help them to make contributions to their wider community.

The full report can be accessed on the Education Scotland website.