TRAFFIC Scotland is warning of difficult driving conditions throughout the Scottish Borders this morning following overnight frost and current low temperatures.

Road operating companies are working hard to keep the carriageways clear.

Motorists can track gritters here. Trunk Road Gritter Tracker (

Police say that drivers should follow this advice.  Slow down and avoid skidding.



Reduce your speed smoothly by easing off the accelerator pedal earlier when driving on slippery surfaces.

Avoid sudden actions - Avoid harsh braking, acceleration, or sharp steering when driving on snow or ice.

Also, leave more distance between vehicles – at least ten times the normal braking distance.

Use dipped lights - Sidelights alone are often not bright enough for your vehicle to be seen in poor visibility. Remember to keep them clean and clear.”

For more travel information check the Traffic Scotland website for up-to-date travel information and issues.