DEEP potholes covered by water are a hazard for motorists using Dreva Road out of Broughton, a meeting has heard.

Upper Tweed Community Council chairman Andrew Beveridge told its meeting on Monday evening: “I drove across the Dreva Road last week. Its potholes are terrible, on both sides, making them impossible to avoid, with many covered in water.”

Members also heard carriageway holes in the surface of the bridge, over the Broughton Burn, on the same road were not judged structurally dangerous by Scottish Borders Council’s (SBC) roads department.

A member of the public at the meeting said someone had tried to fill the bridge holes with concrete but it had not worked and left a gravelly mess.

An SBC spokesperson said: “Staff are aware that there are actionable defects on the road in question and a works instruction has been issued for the repair of these defects. These works are being programmed by our roads operations team, and will be completed when competing priorities and resources allow. SBC is aware of concerns regarding the continuing deterioration of the road network and the rapid appearance of potholes.

“Unfortunately, weather conditions at this time of year are not conducive to carrying out significant repairs.

“In addition to this, the presence of water both on the surface and throughout the various layers of the road surface, and the continual freeze-thaw process at this time of year creates further damage.”