A PEEBLESSHIRE community is celebrating a change to local speed limits following a year of campaigning.

Residents of Skirling, which sits on the A72, have long had issues with speeding motorists.

The community at Skirling Mill are now celebrating after a 40mph ‘buffer zone’ was installed on the road leading to Skirling village.

A spokesperson from Skirling Community Council said: “We are all very grateful for this.”

A 20-year-old woman was killed in a crash in 2022 along Skirling Straight.

The spokesperson added: “The Skirling Community Council contacted our community police officer and the transport safety team at Scottish Borders Council on behalf of the community convey these safety concerns and ask for advice.

“The outcome, nearly a year later, has been the installation on February 14 of the 40mph buffer. We have thanked the road safety team at SBC.

“We have noted that folk who observe speed limits are going slower.

“And some of those who do not observe speed limits are going slightly slower.

“This is an impression – not a scientific measurement.”