MEMBERS of a social media traffic group are demanding Leadburn junction is fixed after an accident last week.

This intersection, on the edge of Midlothian’s boundary with Scottish Borders Council, is where the A703 Peebles Road crosses the A6094 to become the A701.

Scott Rae, a Peeblesshire Road and Traffic Watch (PRTW) member, said: “Resurfacing, re-marking, cats eyes and putting down new anti-skid tarmac would make the Leadburn junction a million times better – the markings are worn or non-existent and don’t match up to the existing, worn anti-skid surface.

“It’s impossible to see where the lane is when it’s dark and wet.

“They’ve just totally resurfaced the road towards Penicuik, yet not touched the junction which was the worst bit.

“I raised it at Peebles and District Community Council years ago and was told it was fine.”

Kirsty Hendry said: “I’ve lost count how many accidents there have been at that junction over the last 40 years.

“Nothing gets done cause [sic] the council will not spend the money.”

Some members of the group have suggested traffic lights or a roundabout as a solution to the junction’s hazards.

John Logan said: “Midlothian Council has no thoughts of a roundabout I’m afraid.

“Its been suggested on more than one occasion.”

Chris Whitehead added: “The road layout needs to change.

“When approaching from Howgate, the angle for looking left is wrong and if you don’t check properly it is highly dangerous.”

One user said UK road safety site ‘CrashMap’ has shown 31 reported injury accidents between 1999 and 2019.

A spokesperson for Midlothian Council told us: “The roads manager is aware of the work needed and the council is arranging for this to be done as soon as possible.”