A LIFESIZE cardboard cut out of a police officer will patrol West Linton’s streets later this month in a bid to crack down on speeding vehicles.

But ‘Pop-up Bob’, who will be carrying a speed gun, will need to be looked after, a meeting has heard.

He will be in place in the village from April 26 to May 3.

At Monday evening’s West Linton Community Council (WLCC) meeting, members were told: “Someone has to take Pop-up Bob in each evening and give him a bed.”

WLCC member Diane Beards said she was going to host him for two nights and Tweeddale West councillor Drummond Begg has volunteered to also offer hospitality.

Members discussed where Pop-up Bob might be best deployed and Station Road, Dryburn Rigg and the Crescent were mooted as possible locations.

Mr Begg added that the police also had a speed camera van out on the A701 last week.

WLCC members also discussed obtaining further supplies of 20mph limit stickers which can be placed on wheeled bins to remind drivers of the limits.

When Pop-up Bob visited nearby Carlops, late last year, he was cut down to size when his legs were stolen.