A GALASHIELS woman has admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice by trying to swallow drugs.

Selkirk Sheriff Court was told police turned up at Charley Brown’s flat in High Buckholmside on May 26, 2021, as her partner was lying on a mattress after a suspected drugs overdose.

Depute fiscal Fiona Hamilton said an officer noted a bag of white tablets in a blue bag and picked it up.

She continued: “The accused grabbed the bag from his hand and made efforts to swallow the tablets. She had to be taken to the ground and the bag was ripped.

“Other officers were called to attend and the accused kept struggling and kicking the officers.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Brown pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice and obstructing two police officers by struggling violently with them.

Defence lawyer Stephanie Clinkscale said: “She was under the influence at the time and has very little recollection of the offence.”

Brown was given a six-month night-time home curfew between the hours of 8pm and 7am as an alternative to custody.

She pleaded not guilty to a charge on a separate complaint of assaulting a retail worker during the course of their employment and theft by shoplifting and a trial date was set for October 3.