Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis has issued a two-week warning on Good Morning Britain (GMB) today for those with Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

Lewis said £15 million worth of Clubcard vouchers were set to expire on May 31 and urged people to check the use-by date on their vouchers.

Lewis said: "Go online and check, or on the app, and check whether you have any of these vouchers, it will tell you if you have any unused vouchers."

He added if you trade them in now you will have a year to use them.

Tesco Clubcard vouchers can be swapped for rewards including discounts with Pizza Express, Disney Plus and more.

Martin Lewis shares a 'trick' to extend the life of your Tesco Clubcard voucher

For those that can't decide what to spend them on, Lewis said there was a way to extend the life of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers so you could spend them at a later date. 

On GMB he said: "I've got a trick for you. If you're saying I don't know what want to do with them now, here's a trick how you can extend the life of your vouchers.

"Say you've got a £10 voucher, you go online, you login, you spend say 50p of your £10, so you've now got £1.50 in restaurant vouchers - because 50p becomes £1.50. 

"For the rest of the £9.50, they re-issue it and it lasts another two years.

"So if you spend just a little bit of the voucher, the rest of it is re-issued and it lasts another two years."

Tesco slash Clubcard points value

Peeblesshire News: Tesco is set to alter is Clubcard voucher values in June.Tesco is set to alter is Clubcard voucher values in June. (Image: PA)

Supermarket giant Tesco announced earlier this year it will be changing its Clubcard benefits scheme in June.

Currently, Clubcard customers can triple the value of points when they spend at one of more than 100 'Reward Partners' which includes Pizza Express, Disney+ and

The change will see shoppers only able to double their points rather than triple them meaning that they will get less for their money.

This change will come into effect on June 14.