HERE are the approximate times for the big day in Galashiels tomorrow Saturday July 1 2023.

A ceremonial ride out, established in 1930 to commemorate events and associations in the history of the town will take place.

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It will be led by the Braw Lad Cory Paterson and Braw Lass Emma Spence along with their four principles who carry out ceremonies along the route.

8am: Braw Lad receives The Burgh Standard.

9am: Fording of The Tweed to Abbotsford.

9.30am: Fording of The Tweed to Boleside

10am: Gallop over Gala Hill

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10.30am: Mixing of the Roses Ceremony

11am: Arrive at Hollybush for brief drink stop

11.30am: Scott Street

12 noon: War Memorial

12:30pm:  Ride concludes

Now well established the final ceremony which takes place later that evening provides a fitting closure to the day.

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Braw Lads’ Gathering Principals from previous years are automatically invited to take part in a “March Past” from the foot of Bank Street Brae to the War Memorial.

The march sets off at 7:50pm allowing the party, led by the current Braw Lad and Braw Lass to arrive at the War Memorial for 8pm.

The Braw Lass, accompanied by the Braw Lad and Attendants places the Red and White Roses she mixed in the morning at the Old Town Cross ceremony, on to the plinth.

Live music will be playing into the early hours in a packed Volunteer Hall.

The Braw Lad, Braw Lass and Attendants will finally relax with friends and family whilst receiving the congratulations from many well wishers on a job well done.

Hopefully you will be able to see the riders fording the River Tweed live on the Borders Telegraph Facebook page.