RUGBY legend Rob Wainwright is encouraging people to 'release their inner adventurer' and sign up for the ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’ challenge for Doddie.

Scotland fans can honour the memory of Doddie by marching from the Piazza del Popolo to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on Saturday March 9 2024.

Although it’s mainly a cycling event Rob is inviting everyone to travel to Rome by any means but the important thing is to be in the Piazza at 5pm on Friday March 8 for a celebratory Limoncello with fellow participants.

Peeblesshire News: All Roads Lead to Rome Poster

The core team will be leaving from Edinburgh on Monday March cycling in a continuous relay and hope to arrive in Rome four days later.

Others are setting off much earlier and enjoying a more leisurely ride. There is no start time, just a finishing time.

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Rob aims to raise £1m for the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation taking forward the fight to finding a cure for MND.

He said: “I’m looking forward to winter rather bizarrely because I’m looking forward to the Scotland game on March 9th in Rome.

“If you’ve not been to Rome for a Six Nations game I would recommend you come. It is a fantastic weekend.

“Everywhere in Rome you can walk to and round every corner there is amazing archeology, ruins, history and lots of Scots.

“People you know from back home, you will meet them in Rome. A fantastic weekend.

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“But instead of flying, I am suggesting that you release your inner adventurer.

“Put a team together and travel to Rome by alternative means.

“I’ll be cycling in a continuous relay. I’m hoping to do it from Edinburgh to Rome which is 1,700 miles in four days.

Peeblesshire News:

“We can give you advice on how you might be able to do it in a similar time.

“But you can go by classic car, you can go by motor bike, you can walk a bit if you like.

“All Roads Lead to Rome is the event and it all ends at the Piazza del Popolo on Friday March 8th at 5pm. That’s where you have to be.

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“If you are interested there is no commitment, just send an email to

“You’ll see it all on the infoboard, mainly about how you might cycle there but if you are interested do get in touch.

"Release the inner adventurer, come and join us. All Roads Lead to Rome. Let’s raise a shed load of money for My Name’5 Doddie Foundation taking forward the fight to finding a cure for MND."