THE St. Ronan’s Border Games Committee is making an appeal to car-owners to keep parade routes clear in Innerleithen this week.

Parked cars block parade routes making it dangerous for everyone taking part, including the children.

We respectfully ask that drivers move their cars to a safe place until the parade has passed.

Your help with this will greatly improve safety for all.

Thu 13 July | 7.00pm-8.45pm

Hall Street, High Street, Pirn Road, Horsbrugh Street (to Chambers Street), Chambers Street (mid), Buccleuch Street (to Chambers Street).

Fri 14 July | 6.30pm-12 midnight

Hall Street, High Street, Bellendene/St. Ronan’s Terrace, Wells Brae, Leithen Road up to Kirklands, Kirklands.

Sat 15 July | 10.30am-2.00pm

Hall Street, Traquair Road, Miller Street, Waverley Road, Damside, Strand, Leithen Road, High Street, Hall Street .


Hall Street, High Street (St. James’ Church to The Hub). Miller Street and Waverley Road (for diversion).


Top of Leithen Crescent, High Street, Hall Street, St. Ronan’s Terrace, Peebles Road, High Street, Leithen Road to Kirklands), Kirklands