RESIDENTS in Peebles have expressed their concerns over a lack of communication from a national energy company before it undertook works in the town.

Residents of Rosetta Road, Kirkland Street and March Street say they found out about the SP Energy Networks scheme through road signage the day before it was due to start on Monday.

One resident informed others about the works, which are designed to modernise the electricity network, through social media, with one commenter thanking the resident as they “had no idea”.

The resident said there was “no notification to residences” before he saw the roadside notices on Sunday (August 13).

And they said that there was no notice of the works on the Scottish Borders Council website or the Tell Me Scotland traffic notice site.

The resident added: “Some residents will be on holiday, so [are] facing coming back to no car.

“[There was] less than a day’s notice on this.”

As part of the works across the three roads, a ‘tow away’ scheme will be in place as well as other parking restrictions.

“It’s also not the restrictions, it’s just the total lack of warning on works that seemed to have been planned in advance,” the resident added.

Other commenters on social media raised other concerns regarding the lack of notice, as well as issues which could arise when the schools were due to resume on Wednesday (August 16).

One commenter said: “Unfortunately [this] coincides with the start of the new school term.

“All our roads are overrun with parents trying to avoid the Kingsland school car park.

“It’ll be carnage come Wednesday.”

In response to the concerns raised by the resident, an SP Energy Networks spokesperson told the Peeblesshire News: “We’re very sorry for any inconvenience and confusion caused by our works on March Street, Rosetta Road and Kirkland Street and have taken the feedback from local residents on board about our communications.

“These works are to help modernise the network within the area to help continue to provide a resilient and reliant electricity network for residents.

“The works are being undertaken in two phases over a four-week period.

“The first phase will last three weeks and will see a lane closure in the area alongside parking restrictions that will move with the works.

“The second phase will last a week and the only traffic management in place will be temporary traffic lights as we complete the works by September 10.”