GIRLGUIDING Scotland members from Tweeddale played a unique role at the UCI World Cycling Champions.

The volunteers raised the flags for the medal winners at the historic event at Glentress.

After a busy day of raising flags for many different countries, one member found they had a particular lump in their throat when finally holding the Great Britain flag and raising it for a gold medal winner.

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Stationed with a beautiful view across the Borders, all the Girlguiding Scotland volunteers were excited for the opportunity to be ambassadors for both our organisation and for UCI on global television.

Laura, an adult volunteer, said: “I had an amazing time, sharing memories of such a fantastic experience and making new friends with everyone we met.

"It was inspiring to see all the women from around the world winning medals and through it we taught our girls the ethos of 'you are gold, always believe in yourself'.

Peeblesshire News: Girlguides raising flags

Every volunteer came away with a new story to tell and showed the value in volunteering – big or small.

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Denise Spence, Girlguiding Scotland’s chief executive, said: “This is just one example of how our volunteers in Girlguiding Scotland always go above and beyond and are essential to the good work that our organisation does.

“We are very proud of every single member, and they have also made Scotland very proud for helping out at this event for the rest of the world to see.”

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