FLORAL Peebles is creating a wall of poppies in the Old Town gardens.

They group is linking up with the Peeblesshire Youth Trust and anyone who would like to assist.

The large poppies can be sponsored for £6 each and have the name and possibly a few details of a relative or friend on them.

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Volunteer co-ordinator John Falla said: “The poppy symbol is not only about those who gave their life in war time it is also to remember members of the forces who have possibly suffered stress and hardships since. It’s a great way to say thanks.

“The sponsorship will hopefully cover the cost of the poppies and a surplus being divided between Poppy Scotland and the Youth Trust.

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“Mr Mike Stark and wife Sheila will declare the garden open on Saturday, November 4 at 11am. Please support them and Floral Peebles if you can.”

To support the project text 07707658529 or contact John Falla on messenger.

The garden will remain in place until November 26.