OCTOBER is National Audiology Awareness Month, with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging individuals to take proactive steps towards protecting their hearing and promoting understanding and support for individuals with hearing impairment.

Borders Hearing Care in Galashiels wants to educate the local community about the causes, prevention, and treatment of hearing loss, as well as the importance of hearing health and services offered by their Audiologists.

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And they are offering free hearing tests with the opportunity to try the very latest hearing aid technology.

Andrew Quinn, Owner & Audiologist at Borders Hearing Care, Galashiels highlights the impact of leaving hearing loss untreated.

Peeblesshire News: Borders Hearing Care in Galashiels

He said: “We realise the importance of having our eyesight and our teeth checked regularly, but for most people this hasn’t been the case for our ears. The first step is to book in for a hearing health assessment. It’s important that we all know how good our hearing actually is, as opposed to how good we think it is!

“At Borders Hearing Care, Galashiels, we offer free hearing tests with trials of the world’s most advanced digital hearing aids, and a same day ear wax removal service.

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“Whether our clients need a regular check-up or have a worry about their hearing, Borders Hearing Care are here, as expert hearing healthcare professionals, to give the best clinical skills, advice, service, and aftercare.

“We are committed to helping people with their hearing problems and communication challenges, and to have a positive influence in supporting all people, regardless of hearing loss, so that they are free to engage fully with everything that life has to offer.

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“Our clients are at the heart of what we do, with a vision to increase hearing health awareness and improving quality of life, general health, well-being and connectivity through better hearing.

“We want our clients to continue to enjoy meaningful relationships and enjoy a greater state of social, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. When we change the message from hearing loss as a sensory problem to hearing and ear care as part of healthy living, we can better help our clients to connect socially, and to thrive mentally and emotionally.

“Over the next few months we are linking in with other community groups to host an exciting new art project, promoting inclusion and social connection, please look out for information on our Facebook page for more details.

“Call us today on 01896 800 369 to arrange an appointment. We’ll check your ear health, test your hearing, check your current hearing aids (if you have them) and provide you with the opportunity to try the very latest hearing aid technology FREE OF CHARGE.”