A WOMAN living in a flat managed by a local housing association has said the condition of her home is having an impact on her physical and mental wellbeing.

The woman, who we have agreed to keep anonymous, recently raised concerns with SBHA (Scottish Borders Housing Association) after piles of waste were left in the communal walkways in her building at Bannerfield Drive in Selkirk.

She also contacted her local MP, John Lamont, of the Conservatives, and even reached out to the environmental health team at Scottish Borders Council.

As well as the piles of rubbish, the woman has reported seeing communal doors to the building left open at night which has allowed for wildlife such as foxes to gain access.

She has also contacted SBHA regarding damp and mould in her flat.

"SBHA should be ashamed," the woman said.

"I pay all that rent and live like this, it's disgusting.

"Two weeks ago SBHA promised to deep clean the building, but nothing.

"I shouldn't be living like this, especially as I'm vulnerable.

"I have been sleeping in the kitchen as the bedroom has damp and it is in other rooms too."

The woman says that the damp in her home is impacting her asthma, and the waste left in hallways has made it harder to get around due to a chronic spinal condition.

According to the resident, parts of her flat are not carpeted and she says she can see the damp on the bare floorboards.

The Border Telegraph contacted all parties the tenant had spoken to regarding the issues at SBHA's property at Bannerfield.

A spokesperson from SBHA said: "We are committed to ensuring neighbourhoods remain great places to live and to work with tenants and residents to achieve this.

"Following reports regarding the standard of the communal stair, we have taken action by arranging a deep clean of the communal stairwell and the rubbish has been removed.

"Our engagement with residents and tenants is ongoing, as we jointly strive to maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of the stairwell.

"Emphasising their shared responsibility, we continue to work closely with them to create a safe and clean environment for all.

"The security and safety of residents is paramount and a door entry system is in operation at the block of flats, however, we've observed instances of the communal door being wedged open.

"We strongly urge all residents to refrain from doing this to preserve the safety of everyone who lives in the block.

"We take any reports of damp and mould extremely seriously. In response to recent concerns, our team is actively reaching out to the tenant for an inspection of the home.

"Following the assessment, any necessary follow-up work will be promptly organised to address and rectify the situation."

Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk MP Mr Lamont, of the Conservatives, added: "I have been working to help this constituent and I will continue to engage with relevant stakeholders on her behalf."

At the time of publication this newspaper had not received a response from SBC's environmental health department.