BORDERERS are being asked to help create a unique tartan which reflects diverse experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Remembering Together: Scottish Borders', supported by greenspace Scotland, is a unique project which is part of a national effort to co-create memorials in the country's 32 local authority regions.

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Each area has chosen different ways of remembering their experiences, and the Borders has taken a distinct path by choosing to create a unique tartan.

As the world continues to recover from the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Borderers from all walks of life embarked on a remarkable journey of reflection and unity.

Peeblesshire News: 'Remembering Together: The Scottish Borders' supported by greenspace Scotland

Over the last year the project, led by artists Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie, of Two Destination Language, has engaged with community groups.

These groups have played a vital role in the co-creation of this unique project, which beautifully encapsulates the various emotional landscapes the pandemic has created.

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Inspired by conversations with people across the Borders and our local textiles heritage, the tartan will be made from colours chosen to resonate with the experiences of individuals during the pandemic.

To make this memorial truly inclusive, the Borders community is invited to help select the colour palette that will shape the tartan.

Individuals can participate by sharing the colours that hold meaning for their own pandemic experiences through a simple online form available on the website.

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Katherina said: “We invite you to be a part of this creative journey, to influence the colours, and help shape a memorial that truly represents the diversity of experiences in the Scottish Borders.”

The next phase of this exciting project will involve sharing the results through two final designs.

They will be revealed in early December, inviting Borderers to express their preference on which tartan design will be produced next spring.

The tartan is a lasting marker of the events and emotions experienced by the Borders communities

As this project moves forward, the tartan will be woven and pieces displayed in community spaces across the region.

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Material will also be available for community groups to adapt in ways which best commemorate their experiences.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the resilience and unity of the Borders community in the face of unprecedented challenges.

This tartan project acknowledges that everyone's experience of the pandemic was unique, with some facing loss, others grappling with financial challenges, and others working through unique situations and discovering new ways to support one another. It is a marker of what transpired and the personal impact it had on many.

For more information, and to share your experiences through colour, please visit the website