A TWEEDDALE brewery is celebrating a major milestone in its history after brewing its 2000th brew with the launch of a 'special ale'.

Traquair House Brewery has put its 2000th brew through its ancient vessels since the venture was restarted by Peter Maxwell Stuart, 20th Laird of Traquair, in 1965.

Nearly 60 years on, Traquair's brewery is still going strong producing its unique range of Scottish ales.

Now run by the Laird's daughter Catherine, 21st Lady of Traquair, and two brewers, the magic of the brewery has remained on-site, maintaining its authenticity.

A spokesperson from Traquair House Brewery said: "It is completely unique to be brewing in an original domestic brewery using the original vessels and equipment and we are the last British brewery to continue to ferment our entire production in oak.

"It is a labour-intensive process, but we are proud of producing ales that are truly craft beers of consistently high quality and an authentic taste of Scottish history."

Award-winning brews from Traquair can be found on shelves around the world, including in Canada, the USA, Sweden, Italy, France, and Norway.

The brewery has grown since the Laird restarted production, however, the operation is still very small, with fewer than 1,000 barrels produced per year.

A tradition started by the Laird, alongside its regular stock, the brewery has also created 'special ales' to mark special occasions for the Traquair House family.

In the past there has been the 100th Brew, the Silver Wedding Brew, and Catherine's 21st Brew.

Although he started the tradition the Laird would be "amazed that the landmark of the 2000th Brew has now been achieved".

The 2000th Brew will be available as a limited edition bottled ale with a commemorative label, and could follow in its predecessors footsteps by becoming a collectors' item.

With a nine per cent ABV (alcohol by volume) the 2000th Brew is a dark, strong, and smooth beer which has been matured for several months before bottling.

The 2000th Brew can be bought directly from the Traquair House Brewery, either in its shop at Traquair House or online at: www.traquair.co.uk.

The brew will also be available from selected independent retailers.