PATCHES of fog are forecast to hit most of the Scottish Borders overnight tonight, Sunday November 12 to Monday November 13.

The AA are reminding drivers that when it’s foggy, it can be harder to tell if other vehicles are moving.

Many accidents happen because drivers don’t realise that the car in front of them has stopped.

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That’s why it’s safer to slow down and leave a bigger stopping distance.

If it’s foggy or misty, the roads might also be wet, which means it could take longer to stop.

Top tips for driving in fog:

Use dipped headlights, wipers and demisters.

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Use fog lights when you need to.

Beware of other drivers not using headlightsOnly drive as fast as conditions allow.

Slow down so you can stop in the distance you can see clearly.

Allow 3 seconds instead of 2 between you and the car in front.

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Check your mirrors before you slow down.

Open your window to listen for traffic at junctions if you can’t see.

What you shouldn’t do when driving in fog

Don't rely on automatic lights – they might not come on in fog.

Don't rely on daytime running lights alone – they only light the front.

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Don’t tail another car’s rear lights - it can give a false sense of security and it's dangerous.

Don't speed up to get away from a vehicle that’s too close behind you.