As the winter season approaches, clinical ear care and hearing experts House of Hearing, have announced an exclusive winter offer of free earwax removal for over 75-year-olds, starting on Friday 1st December, from their Galashiels clinic.

Recognizing the need to continue supporting the community, while addressing the growing demand for ear care services, House of Hearing has decided to make these free appointments available five days a week (Monday-Friday) from their Bank Street clinic in Galashiels.

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House of Hearing already offers free comprehensive Hearing Health Assessments from all of its clinics.

Peeblesshire News: Pamela TokelyPamela Tokely

Pamela Tokely, Aural Care Practitioner with House of Hearing, will deliver the free service. She said: “I’ve been working with House of Hearing for four years and it’s wonderful helping local people in Galashiels to improve their hearing health.

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“There are a few ways we can remove troublesome wax. Microsuction is recognised as one of the safest and most effective procedures for the removal of earwax.

Peeblesshire News: House of Hearing - Galashiels

“We use a microscope and gentle air suction to remove the wax. The other way we can remove earwax is through irrigation–using a controlled jet of warm water to wash out the wax from the ear canal gently.

“If the wax is located closer to the outer ear and can be reached easily with specialist tools, we can often remove the wax without the need for microsuction or irrigation.

“I encourage anyone experiencing any discomfort in their ears to come and see us, for specialist clinical care in a warm and friendly local environment.”

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Melanie Jackson, ENT Nurse and Head of Nursing for House of Hearing, said: “I’m delighted to confirm that we are now offering our expert earwax removal service for free to over 75s in Galashiels.

“Earlier this year, we began offering free over 75s earwax removal from our Edinburgh clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With the current pressures on the NHS and with the ongoing cost of living crisis, we have seen a lot of enthusiasm and demand for the service.

“Local GP surgeries are now entering their busiest time of the year and the winter season also typically brings unique challenges to ear health, with increased cases of ear infections and complications arising from earwax buildup. Activities like travel, swimming, and changes in temperature can exacerbate these issues.

“At House of Hearing, we aim to address these concerns by providing safe and professional earwax removal services, ensuring that people in Galashiels have access to quality care.”

For more information about House of Hearing's winter offer in Galashiels or to book an appointment, please visit or call the clinic on 01896 755 474.