A YELLOW weather warning for heavy rain covering most of the Borders has been extended.

The warning was due to end at 3am however it will now run through to 8am tomorrow Wednesday December 13.



National Highways say that even light or moderate rain can have an impact on visibility and vehicle performance, so it’s important to adjust your driving behaviour and take extra care.

Before you travel it’s important to plan your journey in advance, particularly if you’re travelling on routes you’re not familiar with.

Check the availability of service areas along your route

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Make sure you know how to operate your headlights and fog lights 

Pack a seasonal kit

Check the  weather forecast If heavy downpours are expected, consider delaying your journey until it clears.

During periods of extreme weather, adjust when you travel to avoid the worst days and times of day if possible

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When you’re on the road, the following advice will help you stay safe when driving in wet weather:

If it’s time for your wipers, it’s time to slow down.

Use dipped headlights, especially if visibility is seriously reduced.

The roads will be more slippery than usual, so give yourself more time to react - increase the gap between you and the vehicle in front to at least four seconds.

Look out for standing water - adjust your driving before and after encountering any

Keep your eyes on the road at all times - spray from other vehicles can suddenly reduce your visibility.

Visibility affects others too, so anticipate their actions and be prepared.

During thunderstorms, sudden gusty winds can unsettle vehicles. Keep your speed down and give other road users more room.