Scotland is well-known for its charming tradition of giving hilarious names to the gritters used to clear the roads of ice and snow.

First started within local schools, the naming appeal moved online in 2020, opening the competition to the wider public.

The gritters named cover some 400 miles of Scotland's South West, including places like Glasgow and Dumfries.

New names are published each January and can be found on the Amey South West Trunk Roads website.

See the hilarious names given to Scotland's gritters

From 'Melter Skelter' to 'Robert Brrrns', here are the hilarious names given to Scotland's gritters:

  • “Charles RennIce MackinSlush”
  • "Sleetwood Mac"
  • "Calvin Harr-Ice"
  • "Melter Skelter"
  • "Robert Brrrns"
  • "Tam o' Salter"
  • "Spreddie Van Halen"
  • "Sir Grits Hoy"
  • "Sweet Child O' Brine"
  • "Creedence Clear-Road Survival"
  • "She is a Melter!"
  • "Skid Vicious"
  • "You're a Blizzard, Harry"
  • "Carrie Bradthaw" 
  • "Grittin' On Wae It"
  • "Brinestone Ploughboy"
  • "Freeze Witherspoon"
  • "Chun-Ski: Street Gritter"
  • "Icesweeper Willie"
  • "Spray Charles"
  • "Grits You Thru"
  • "Yes Sir, Ice Can Boogie"
  • "Buzz Iceclear"
  • "Betty White-Out"
  • "Snowey Tribbiani"
  • "Sir David Attenbrrrrrr"
  • "Jack Jarv-Ice & Victor McSprayed"
  • "Gritney Spears"
  • "Snowing Me, Snowing You"

Competition launched to find new names for Scotland's gritters

Amey South-West Trunk Roads has launched a new appeal to find names for its fleet of winter gritters.

More than 6000 suggestions have been put forward as Scotland sees the return of this iconic competition.

The entries have been flooding in since November of last year and can be made by anyone on the Amey website.

The winners will be announced via social media in the coming days and weeks.