BORDERS residents have been urged to check for leaks and bursts following a 'rapid thaw' brought about by the change in weather.

Scottish Water said its team had been working hard across the region to maintain normal service over the weekend amid Storm Isha.

The supplier called on Borderers – particularly in Hawick, Kelso and Jedburgh – to help in locating leaks on the public water network and in private plumbing.

It urged people to check empty properties, business premises, holiday homes, basements, out houses, field troughs or garden taps to identify any burst pipes.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “Our local teams have been working hard to find and remedy any leaks and bursts in challenging conditions over the weekend. We expect to continue this focus over the week ahead.

“The thaw and the recent rainfall mean that the ground is saturated with water in many areas. However, it’s important that we find and stop leaks from the public water network so that we can maintain supplies for everyone.

“The support that property owners and members of the public can give us with locating issues is enormously appreciated. We would also ask customers to check around their own homes, and any other properties they look after, in order to isolate and repair any burst pipes. This will minimise the potential for property damage and assist us with maintaining supplies for customers across the Borders.”

Scottish Water urged people to make contact if they were aware of a leak with as much detail of the location as possible.

Issues can be reported via the online reporting portal on Scottish Water’s website at

Wider advice on saving water, saving money and protecting homes from the effects of winter weather is available at Be Winter Wise - Scottish Water (