A BORDERS rugby club’s bid to take over a council-run toilet block is nearing a conversion.

The future of the toilets in Kelso’s Croft Park has been uncertain for more than two years after closure was agreed.

Various options, including demolition and a community takeover, were considered.

Now it has been agreed in principle that Kelso Rugby Football Club assume the running of the facility.

Kelso Common Good Sub-Committee agreed the proposal at a meeting in September last year.

At a further meeting of the committee on Tuesday (January 30), Kelso councillor Tom Weatherston said: “Things are going well and I think they are now getting down to the legal process to prepare a lease.

“The rugby club is also exploring the possibility of having an extra building to the side for storage.

“It’s progressing well and both sides are agreed that it should proceed and it’s now getting down to the nitty gritty of the agreement.”

Members were informed that there was to be a 20-year lease on the toilets, therefore an eight-week community consultation will be required before the transfer goes ahead.