MORE than 70 household items were repaired at a recent repair café.

Biggar Area Climate Care hosted its second repair café event last week in Broughton Village Hall where a team of 10 volunteers helped to fix 77 items brought through the hall doors.

On Saturday (January 27) the volunteer fixers repaired 62 items on the day, four items were booked to return for the rest of their repairs at the next café in Biggar next month (March), eight items were taken home by fixers to complete the repairs, and just three items left the hall unfixed.

A Biggar Area Climate Care spokesperson said: "The atmosphere was convivial and vibrant as the fixers assessed and tested, assessed again, head scratched and collaborated, adjusted here and adjusted there whilst chatting and explaining the process to the bringer of the item and then, Voila!

"More often than not, the fix was complete.

"The items brought ranged from a mini Hi-Fi with compromised CD and tape facility, a vintage dolls’ house with an unhinged front, an anglepoise lamp that had lost it’s poise, a coat with a holey pocket lining, jumpers for darning, necklaces with clasp issues and a plethora of garden tools and kitchen knives needing maintenance and sharpening.

"Cakes and coffees were enjoyed, children played and glued and conversations were had.

"There’s something lovely about socialness that springs out of a shared purpose."

All of the fixed items were weighed and catalogued by the volunteers, and the data was inputted into Fixometer – an online tool designed by Restart – which helps to calculate the carbon emissions saved by fixing an item rather than sending it to general waste or recycling.

This year Biggar Area Climate Care plans to host six repair events.

The spokesperson added: "This [January 27] was the second repair event of the six planned by Biggar Area Climate Care (which have been made possible by funding from The Lottery Community Fund) and the support and enthusiasm has been fabulous – there is definitely a big desire to fix up and re-use."

For the third café this year the event will return to Biggar on March 16.

The repair cafés are free to attend with donations welcomed to cover the cost of volunteers' efforts and the refreshments available.

To book in items for the repair café on March 16, email or text/phone Tess on 07976310060.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer fixer or a general volunteer at the repair events, visit: