The second round of the Peebles Camera Club Competition was held recently at the Community Centre.

The judge for the occasion was Cameron Scott CPAGB EFIAP QGP of Carluke Camera Club.

Cameron is a documentary photographer with Progressive-Street which is a photography gang dedicated to the visual narrative of the street.

All members from the club submitted three entries each in the digital images category and six entered the prints category; in all 18 prints and 39 digital images were submitted.

The judge complimented the club on the quality and the variety of the entries.

A Peebles Camera Club spokesperson said: "In considering the entries he talked about how the prints in aperture mounts were enhanced in their presentation even though this was not a judging criterion.

"When applying his judgement he identified many of the images that had complimentary colours between foreground and background and in contrast those that had conflicting colours he suggested to how the image could be improved.

"He did caution against over-saturating colours especially in sunrise and sunset images as these lead to unrealistic images.

"Whilst there was a good selection of conventional images, landscapes, wildlife, etc., Cameron expressed credit to those photographers who presented creative images as well as unusual subjects.

"He considered these were important in camera clubs to allow people to develop their own style and interests."

In the both the print and digital images categories only one person in each earned the maximum 20 points.

In prints it was Brian Henry’s image Pier End and in the digital images Dominance by Colette Burke.

The other high entries were :


  • Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus), by Kevin Lomax, 19
  • Lady in yellow, by Sandy Welsh, 19
  • Sunrise on Bamburgh beach, by Kathy Henry, 18
  • Mid Air, by Pete Birrell, 18

Digital Images

  • Tundra Swans, by Lesley Diehl, 19
  • Coldingham Bay, by Sandy Welsh, 19
  • Fifty Shades of Grey, by Kathy Henry, 18
  • Big Bear, by Lesley Diehl, 18
  • Ready washed cabbage, by Margaret Jamie, 18

The next meeting of Peebles Camera Club will be held on Wednesday, March 6 in the Community Centre at 7.30pm when Member Kevin Lomax and Alison Lomax will talk about photographing the wildlife of The Falklands Islands.