A MACHINE operator from Galashiels who brandished a small folding knife at a neighbour has been fined £350 at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Christopher Bunting, 43, pleaded guilty to the offence which happened at a block of flats in Kenilworth Avenue on the evening of October 6.

Prosecutor India Carruthers said there had been a dispute between neighbours in the common landing and when a man opened his door, Bunting reached into his trouser pocket and produced a folding pen knife.

Police arrived on the scene and seized the knife.

When cautioned and charged Bunting said he would put his neighbour’s head on a spike.

But defence lawyer Ross Dow said he had seen a video of the incident and added there was no prospect of his client using the knife and claimed he did not seem to be particularly menacing.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said that due to Bunting’s age and lack of record he was prepared to deal with the matter by fine.

A £20 victim surcharge was added to the fine.