A CAR parking fees ‘anomaly’ was raised by perplexed members of Peebles Common Good Fund sub-committee when they met this week.

A question was raised over why income raised from fees charged at the town’s Greenside Car Park was being not being added to Common Good Fund coffers.

The car park is located on Common Good-owned land.

Councillor Robin Tatler, speaking at the meeting on Wednesday, said: “We asked about a year ago about the income from Greenside Car Park because there was an anomaly.

“Greenside Car Park is part of the Common Good but we haven’t actually received any income from that, it has gone into what is effectively the Peebles Parking Fees Fund and it should have come to the Common Good.”

Members were informed that the income raised from the car park was being used to cover its maintenance costs.

As a result, no funds from the income raised at the car park was going into the Common Good Fund.

Mr Tatler added: “So there is no balance over and above the cost of maintaining the car park? That is something we would very much like to have for the next meeting.

“I think you will note from the expressions on the faces of two of the other councillors, and certainly my view is, that there should be some extra income there.”

Councillor Julie Pirone agreed, adding: “I think it would be really good if on the Greenside we can see what the income is coming in and what expenditure is so we can clear in our own minds what is happening with that car park.”

It was agreed that an update is brought back to members on the balance of the fees raised and the expenditure spent.