ST Ronan’s Primary School celebrated the 40th anniversary of their annual Burns Lunch last month.

The event was a huge success and superbly run by the primary 7s and enjoyed by guests from the wider community.

After Jim Hamilton piped in the top table guests, Molly Sherwood began her role as chair and introduced the day then welcomed the top table and chief guest, Mr Stuart Wilson. Lexie Baxter and Lexie Smilie were bearers of the haggis and were piped in carrying a fantastic looking Shwas Haggis! It was then the turn of Rowan Farquhar to address the haggis, and he did so with feeling and vigour. Noah Rychel said the Selkirk Grace before members from P5 worked together to serve some guid Scot’s fair. The lunch was enjoyed by the children and guests, the efforts from the catering staff and servers was greatly appreciated by everyone.

It was time for the children to share their learning, classes have been busy learning about Robert Burns and all things Scottish since the beginning of term. Neive Doherty delivered a well-researched and well-rehearsed immortal memory reminding the audience just how talented Robert Burns was at such a young age.

Amy Kerr then welcomed ‘oor guests’ to the dinner. The company was settling down to enjoy an afternoon of fantastic song, poetry and brass. The nursery children were first on the stage and sang ‘3 craws’ and recited ‘Wee Willie Winkie’, this was then followed by the ‘Shooglie Wooglie’ by the fantastic P1 class.

As the afternoon continued the winners of the Burns Poetry competition from P2,P3 and P3/4 were given the opportunity to recite their poems, all very entertaining and full of expression and some guid Scots tongue! Congratulations to the winner from each class:

P2 – 1st Mistry Henrys; 2nd Freya Burnside; 3rd Scarlett Patton-Marley

P3 – 1st Maia Allan; 2nd Orla Smith; 3rd Ruairidh Anderson

P3/4 – 1st Mia O’Donnell; 2nd Katy Notman; 3rd Angus MacMillan

Saul Morgan from P6 had the task of replying to ‘Oor Guests’. He gave a confident and entertaining reply. The chair then welcomed the chief guest.

As Stuart addressed the company, he talked fondly about his time at St Ronan’s and the happy memories he has of the school and the staff, particularly his former head teacher Alistair Campbell. He also shared his love for Burns’ poetry ensuring the pupils (and staff!) wore appropriate props to help the children guess well-known poems. Stuart was presented with a token of appreciation on behalf of the school by chairperson Molly.

As the afternoon continued, Mr Wilson presented more certificates after hearing more recitations from the children in P4/5 and P5. Congratulations to:

Primary 4/5 – 1st Oscar Thomson; 2nd Myles Oliphant; 3rd Ellis Thomson

Primary 5 – 1st Jack Nicholson; 2nd Evie Rodgers; 3rd Anna Zais

It was the turn of Struan Coltman to propose the ‘toast to The Lassies’. Struan delivered a witty and amusing speech, affectionately teasing the girls in the company. It was clear the time and effort Struan had put into the preparation and was enjoyed by all! Before the Lassies had an opportunity to reply, there was time for more poetry. This time from the P6s and 7s. Well done to:

P6 – 1st Peter Sherwood; 2nd Theo Tweedie; 3rd Archie McMillan

P7 – 1st Sophie Thomas; 2nd Molly Sherwood; 3rd Cameron Hogarth

It was the job of Sophie Thomas to give a ‘Reply to the Lassies’, Sophie delivered a fantastic response. It gave Sophie a chance to set the record straight with some superb tongue-in-cheek responses. Well done to Sophie for all the preparation and a confident retort to the Lads!

P6 pupil Lilli Thomson thanked all the artistes who performed at the lunch. It was certainly a great opportunity for all the P6 pupils to experience a successful St Ronan’s Burns Lunch. Darci Hall thanked Molly Sherwood for chairing the lunch. The company then closed proceedings by standing and singing Auld Lang Syne.

The 40th Anniversary lunch was a great success, well done to all the pupils, teachers and supporters from the wider community. Thank you to Natalie Martin for taking all the fantastic pictures, here’s to the next 40 years!