Re-organising your kitchen cupboards probably isn’t a job you do too often but doing it could save you money on your food shop.

The experts at have shared how homeowners can save on food waste and unnecessary spending by reshuffling their cupboards.

As the cost of living crisis continues, many shoppers are hoping to save some cash and if that’s you, look no further.

Ashleigh Tosh from said: “Although it might sound too simple to make a difference, reshuffling your kitchen cupboards can make a big difference on monthly food costs.

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“Those hoping to stay under budget and reduce their weekly food waste are being encouraged to bring forward items with a short expiry date, put soon-to-be expired foods at eye level and freeze anything almost out of date. 

“During the cost of living crisis, every small saving helps families towards keeping extra cash in their pockets.”

How to organise your kitchen cupboards and save money

Move old items forwards

When you get home from the food shop make sure to bring older items forward depending on their expiry dates.

Anything that has the shortest date should be at the front of your cupboard so you know to get it used first.

Short dates at eye level

Putting items with short dates at the front of your cupboard will act as a good reminder for you to know which food to use first, the experts at say.

Keep a list

Keep a list of the food items you have in your cupboards and as you run out of food, cross them off so you know you need to buy more when you next do a food shop.

This will help you avoid re-buying unused items.

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Group products together

Grouping all your products together can help you know exactly what you have from each category.

For example, putting all your tins together as well as putting all your rice and pasta together.

The experts say this will help you avoid unnecessary purchases.

Make it a routine

The experts say the best way to make long-term savings is to create new habits and turn them into a routine.

Check your cupboards, fridge and freezer quickly each week to help you stay organised and so you know exactly what you need to buy.