Martin Lewis has urged Brits to send this 'simple' text to help them save on their mobile phone bill. 

The MoneySavingExpert founder shared some advice with his followers on TikTok during one of his walks.

The personal finance pro urged people to text the word 'info' to 85075 in order to check if they're out of their mobile phone contract.

Mr Lewis said: "It's free and it will tell you whether you're one of 14 million people in the UK who are currently out of contract and therefore free to switch and can likely save a shed load".


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The journalist and broadcaster noted that there "a few times it doesn't work" where he mentioned that if you've got a contract where there are multiple phones in a household.

However, if you've been with the same provider for more than two years you're likely out of contract, Martin explained.

Martin Lewis phone bill rises in mid-contract as 'outrageous'

The money savvy expert explained that the reason he was filming during was walk was to do with most mobile phone networks increasing their prices by 8% by the start of April.

These increases apply even if you're mid-contract which Martin argued was "absolutely outrageous".

He continued: "It's something I've written to the Chancellor about, I've lobbied about but we've not had any change on it yet so it's a really good opportunity to see if you can save.

"As for what you can get well the best deals aren't direct.

"They're going through comparison sites where they put marketing budget into giving you cheaper prices.

"You can currently get you know 100 gig of data a month SIM - that's a little SIM that goes in the back of your phone - just switching that for less than a tenner a month and a lot of people are paying far more for less".

The Money Saving Expert also reminded Brits that there are only four mobile networks in the UK so you don't need to worry about losing your signal by switching.

He elaborated: "Every other one is piggybacking off one of those four so you want to do a comparison that says; what's the cheapest deal on the signal that I currently have?.

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"If you go to the cheap mobile finder on my site, you can do that type of search and see what's out there, see what's available.

"You have to be careful, they might not WiFi calling or 5G and that's all listed there".

The broadcaster concluded: "But you get the big point, my main message to do that text (INFO to 87075, see if you're out of contract and check before process go up whether you can save a shed load by switching.

"Hope that helps."